We dream of Edgewater being an “overflow to the community.”  It’s like a powerful waterfall pouring into a huge bucket.  The bucket cannot contain the abundance of the water, and the water overflows to its surroundings.  Everything the water touches turns the picture from black-and-white to vivid colors.

When people speak of Edgewater, they say, “What a great church!  It’s inviting, nonthreatening, it draws both the young and the old. It reflects the diversity of the City. It is welcoming all who want to know the Lord. It has a strong sense of family. The kids and youth programs are awesome. It’s a resource center for its members and the community.  It’s a place where families are healed and restored, impacting neighborhoods and the city as a desirable place to live.  This church is genuinely interested and involved in the world. Its internal strength and external involvement build respect among non-believers.”