March 27th, 2022

Listen to the Sermon delivered by Pastor Steve:

The book of Daniel: Chapters 1-6: a recap

Exile, serving under multiple kings, Babylonian Empire expands. God is indeed sovereign over all. God rescues Daniel’s friends, The king goes insane for a time, and is removed from his position until he turns his face to heaven before returning to power. A new king had a dream about the decline and fall of the Babylonian empire.

The book of Daniel: Chapter 7:

We can come to agreement about what God is doing as we interpret scripture together. There are no “Lone Ranger Christians” because Christianity is meant to be lived out in community. Daniel had a dream. 4 beasts came up from the sea. A winged Lion, a bear, and a 4 headed & 4 winged leopard, and another beast with lots of horns, one little horn with eyes on it. Then he sees in his dream, God, on his throne as ‘the ancient of days’. A human approached the ancient of days and was given authority and power, and all nations and peoples of every language worshiped him. Daniel asks for an interpretation of the dream. God is bigger and so much more in control and than even the most powerful earthly kings we might be scared of. Just wait…The kingdom of God is not fully here, God will judge at the appointed time, and the Kingdom of God endures forever.

Closing Prayer by Pastor Steve

God reveals this aspect of who He is.

Final Word by Pastor Steve: