November 24th

Listen to Karyn, Ezra, & Cyndi report back on the New Day Ministry partnership, Pastor Steve leads in prayer, then teaches about the transformational power of gratitude and invited several people of Edgewater church to share about some things that they are thankful for.

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November 17th

Listen to Pastor Steve Hoden pray, then teach about the perspective of God’s abundance and generosity which contrasts with the common perspective of scarcity.

November 3rd

Listen to pastor Steve Hoden speak and encourage sharing among the people at Edgewater Church.

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October 27th

Listen to Pastor Steve Hoden teach about the repentance of the Israelites, once their king hears the words of the law that they are clearly not following.

September 29th

Listen to the first recorded half of Pastor Steve’s sermon. This begins week 4 of the Immerse reading series. A meal was shared after the service.

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