September 22nd

Listen to Pastor Steve pray and then teach from the scriptures. Week 3 of the Immerse Series begins.

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September 15th

Listen to Pastor Steve Hoden share some announcements and pray, then share a summary about Judges, then teach from Judges 4-5, about breaking the cycle described in Judges of Israel’s relationship with God.

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September 8th

Listen to Pastor Steve Hoden’s message about how the Israelites remembered what God had done for them for generations.

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September 1st

Listen to Pastor Steve Hoden preach, then Peter, Paola, & their kids share about the impact that Edgewater has had on their family. This was their last Sunday before moving north to serve in WA.

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August 25th

Listen to Pastor Steve Hoden teach about God’s calling of Moses and his many objections to God’s calling.

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August 18th

Listen to Pastor Steve Hoden speak about how God calls us, gets our attention, waits for our response, and commands us with authority.

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August 11th

Listen to Pastor Steve Hoden preach about Moses experiencing the call of God and the ways God prepared him for a purpose. God calls us too.
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July 21st

Listen to Pastor Steve Hoden speak about Jesus walking on water and describe how we walk with Jesus and without Jesus sometimes.

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