College/Young Adults


piv·ot /ˈpivət/

A point on which something turns or rotates
To turn as if on a pivot

PIVOT is the place to connect with young adults (18-25) at Edgewater.

PIVOT means:

1) It doesn’t matter if you’ve never thought about Jesus, or you’ve been following Him your whole life; every day, every moment, you can choose to PIVOT and turn towards Him or away from Him.

2) This is one of the most PIVOTAL moments in your life. Whether on your own for the first time, or looking for your first career, the choices you make now will shape who you will become the rest of your life.

At PIVOT, you will be challenged to GROW. LOVE. MOVE.

  • GROW in knowledge and love of Christ
  • LOVE those around you, wherever you are
  • MOVE into the world, bringing heaven with you

You are welcome here. You are loved here. You have a voice here. Let’s change the world together. Let’s be PIVOTAL.

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